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CovertHypnotism Discord Server Rules

CovertHypnotism is designed to be a place for adults to meet other like minded adults, and we encourage relationships of all types to grow beyond the site. If you are not 18+ please leave the server and our website now. CovertHypnotism is also a community. That is, everyone here is one of many who are like-minded in some topic. In this case, hypnosis and hypnokink. Normally, community rules are simple and universal, but as hypnosis is performed on a more-than-daily basis on CovertHypnotism, there are additional warnings which must be given for the uninterrupted flow of chat and camaraderie. CovertHypnotism is a Risk Aware Consensual Kink (RACK) and Consensual Non Consent (Con Non Con) server. Hypnosis is the power of suggestion and those suggestions can be very powerful, because of this we want you to be aware you may be tranced on here with out warning. We just ask that you maintain awareness, hypnosis is the power of suggestion not the power to remove any resistance so if someone is asking you to do something you’re not comfortable with that may be dangerous you need only resist, nothing stops you from being able to use the block button and stop unwanted advances from a chatter. Regardless, both the standard rules and warnings for CovertHypnotism will be posted here for everyone to see. Keep in mind that the CovertHypnotism owner Q and his staff may make minor or major changes without notification, though we will try to announce any and all changes in the announcements channel. Staff members have the AdminOPs, or Half OPs role in addition to a role that says Covert Staff. These are people on staff here to help keep CovertHypnotism an enjoyable place to chat. They are not an on demand hypnosis service but are there to help out. Covert Staff have their names come up in either orange, red, or a dark blue. If you look at the user by either right clicking their name (Desktop) or holding on their name (phone) you will see the Covert Staff role as well. Q has a gold colored owner role. Staff also appear at the top of the users list. If you have a question or an issue reach out to one of us. If it is a sever matter or someone is acting up in the channel and you need assistance right away you can grab our attention with @Covert Staff right in the channel you are chatting in or feel free to DM us.

Photosensitivity Warning
A small percentage of people may experience seizures when exposed to certain lights, patterns, or images, even with no history of epilepsy or seizures. In some of our channels there is a lot of sharing of hypnotic and flashy animated GIF images.

1.  This server is for adults only +18. Be aware if you are not of age you will be removed. All channels on this server are to be considered NSFW as we share all kinds of kinky talk, images and files on here! So, if you are underage please exit the server now. 

2.  CovertHypnotism is a hypnosis kink server, however a wide range of topics are discussed on here. This server isn't to discuss politics or other heated argumentative subjects that may fall under or close to it. Some topics are expressly forbidden—Incest, bestiality, underage sex, suicide or other topics of illegal acts. If the topic of conversation becomes a heated debate staff reserves the right to move it along in an attempt to minimize drama. If an OP says to move the topic, then move it or you could be removed.

3.  Realize that you may get tranced. Covert Hypnotism means a stealthy trance you don't see coming. You are assuming the risks that come with hypnosis (RACK). Entrance to this server is consent for someone to trance you. It can be a room trance or a private one done in Direct Message. If your goal is to avoid trance then we suggest you stay out off the server. 

4.  Absolutely everything done with hypnosis and/or sexual play on CovertHypnotism is fair game and entry to the server equals consent (Con Non Con). This is the single most important rule on CovertHypnotism. Basically, it means this: consent is given for any act of hypnosis and/or sexual play, regardless of length, while the subject is on the server. A hypnotist may hypnotize someone without explicit permission from the subject, or the hypnotist can install any triggers without permission, or the hypnotist can use any triggers installed by him/her or even someone else without permission. If you don't want others to use your triggers don't give them out. It should also be noted that, as stated above, merely entering the server means that consent is given. We the staff are well aware that some enjoy “consensual non-consent” hence why consent is given upon entering. If you feel someone is abusive block them. While staff can help, what happens in DM is typically considered off the server, so don't be afraid of your block button. 

5.  Treat everyone with the same respect which you would like to receive from others at all times. It should go without saying that this rules out name calling, insults, and attacks on character. This includes implying hypnotists, or other chatters are rapey or down right pricks out in the open. This rule also includes body or any other kind of shaming in the selfie rooms! Staff doesn't want people to feel unwelcome. 

6.  Trances are allowed in the in any of the main chat channels, but we do have a side channel #the-mind-fuck-room for group trances. Longer trances (longer then 5-10 minutes) should be moved to here so not to tie up the main chat channels. We also have a voice trance channel for those who want to try a group trance via voice. If you notice a trance in progress do not disrupt it. Just be patient and wait or take your conversation to another channel. Staff will encourage longer trances be moved. If you are planning a longer trance and would like it announced, let staff know as we can annouce it in the #server-announcements channel. 

7.  CovertHypnotism is a public server that anyone 18+ can join, dedicated specifically to public hypnosis and other forms of play. Room trances may get the occasional hello or other minor interaction as people may not know the trance is in progress. Anything viewed as a deliberate interruption of a room trance will see action taken by staff as they see fit. If you are asked to wrap up a long trance or move it to the mind fuck room then please do so. You will have less of a chance for interruptions if you trance in the mind fuck room. 

8.  Respect all Staff and any decisions they pass. If there is any disagreement with any decisions a staff member has made, privately message said Staff member or email Support with your concern, preferably in a mature manner. The staff has the right to refuse any concerns about the decisions that have been made and it should not be argued with at that point. The staff makes their decisions based on what they believe to be the best for the entire community, not just you, nor any individual being removed from chat (should that be the case), but everyone, whether involved or not. If you have a complaint about staff look for an admin in orange or the owner Q and DM them privately. 

9.  All discussions should be handled in a civil manner. Staff has the right to end any conversations before they start to dissolve into a petty dispute and or drama.

10.  Everyone in CovertHypnotism has a right to contribute to the discussion, no matter what the topic. 

11.  CovertHypnotism is divided into various side channels. Each channel serves a purpose—I.E. NSFW Selfie-room for posting nude selfies, music room for using the music bot, and other side channels. Channel topic should give you some guidance on what goes on in here. If you have questions just ask the staff we can help you find the right spot. Photosensitivity Warning – A small percentage of people may experience seizures when exposed to certain lights, patterns, or images, even with no history of epilepsy or seizures. In some of our channels there is a lot of sharing of hypnotic and flashy animated GIF images. 

12.  CovertHypnotism has 4 rooms for posting various kinds of selfie images. We have a SFW (Safe For Work) selfie channel for non nude images, NSFW (Not Safe For Work) for nude self-expression images, Topless Tuesday for fun topless images that can be shared any day of the week, and Phallic Friday for shots from the belly button and below. The selfie rooms are not for posting a friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, or someone else that is NOT you. If someone else wants there picture shared on here tell then how to get to CovertHypnotism and they can post it themselves. This being said posting an image that is not of yourself may get it deleted. Using hypnosis to convince someone else to post a selfie in those rooms is perfectly fine as this is a CNC (Consensual Non Consent) server. We have a special verified selfie role. This is a special role Admins of the server can hand out to people who send in a selfie holding a sign with their use name and CovertHypnotism written on it. This verifies the selfies you post and guarantees to the community you are what you post. 

13.  Do not spam the chat. This includes repeating the same message multiple times, asking for the same thing, and so on. Images should not be spammed in the rooms where images are shared, give others a chance to post. Posting the same selfie image on a regular basis in the selfie rooms is the same as spamming the room. Images sharing isn't allowed in the main channel. There are designated channels specifically for images as well as side channels and if it gets out of hand a staff member will ask you to curb it. We have a channel called #seeking-trance this channel is for self advertising you are looking to trance. You can post here what you are looking for and connect with others.

14.  Do not harass other users. It’s okay to direct message someone without asking, but if they wish not to talk, whether publicly or privately, then stop talking to them. If a person chooses to put do not DM in there nick, please respect that they are not looking to talk privately. While we do not police what goes on in direct messages use a little common sense with it and remember you can always block a person if you don't like what a person is saying. If you choose to block a member of the staff that is your choice. If a staff member is removes you because they can not tell you to stop something because you blocked them, that is our choice.

15.  Catfishing, which CovertHypnotism defines as the Deliberate and intentional misleading of others in your identity, with the intention of deceiving them, is expressly forbidden as it ruins the experience for others. People have preferences on gender they are seeking and kinks they are into. When you intentionally mislead people on them it ruins the experience. 
16.  Multiple accounts and sharing your account is not allowed. We understand some of our chatters have an account for gaming, one for kinky chatting etc. We are asking you use only one account to be here. Sharing your account with others creates confusion as to who someone is talking to. If your friend, wife, etc. wants to be here with you each can have your own account rather then share one. 

17.  Do not circumvent a ban, should you be under one. We will catch you and your ban will be instantly increased to permanent status without a chance for appeal. 

18.  Advertising of other chat rooms or servers without permission of the Covert Staff is prohibited. This will also include FinDom and other links to paid services. I.E. OnlyFans or Patreon as an example. CovertHypnotism is a free community and we are trying to keep it open and free for all users by avoiding paid services being advertised in our channels. 

Consequences and Appeals Once CovertHypnotism staff has identified an offense and decided on an action, a member of the staff will enact it. Various actions the staff will take include, but are not limited to, warnings, kicks from the server, temporary bans, and permanent bans. The staff reserves the right to ban you from accessing CovertHypnotism without warning or explanation. 

Once a consequence has been enacted, the offender has the right to appeal their situation, but only by emailing a ban appeal or talking to a server Admin (Orange Staff). You can email When contacting support we need to know what day it happened, when it happened, and who was involved (their nicknames at the time of indecent). Keep in mind that the staff reserves the right to accept or deny your appeal at any time. 

Chat Logging CovertHypnotism is monitored with a log. This means that we keep a log of the server in case of issues. We can not see your direct messages nor to do we normally go through policing what people do to in private. Users are allowed to save their own logs of chat at any time, whether public or private, without permission. We the staff realize, however, that sometimes issues occur in direct messages and we encourage users to use Discord's block feature. If you are unable to get the block to work or are having issues that you feel need the attention of staff you can direct message any staff member to help. Staff cannot verify the conversation took place without a log. On Discord most common method of a log is a screen shot. Please do not bog down the server sharing logs in channels to shame chatters. If you need the attention of a staff Member come tap one of us on the shoulder, ping us with @Covert Staff, or drop us an Email We are happy to help.