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The CovertHypnotism community has been in existence since 2008.  Started as a small chat channel on the now defunct IRC chat server, CovertHypnotism was a small group, Neurotica, Sammielicious, Drop Deep, Evil Psychiatrist, and Master Athenos (now goes by Q).  This small group under Neurotica wanted a chat room with less rules on hypnosis.  Most rooms at the time had strict rules on who can do trances and when.  These rooms even went as far as policing what people do in Private Messages.  The philosophy behind the room was simple, anyone can be hypnotically tranced anytime even the staff.  As adults, one can always hit the block button to avoid unwanted conversation and trances.  

After years on IRC's the title of owner was passed to Sammielicious.  As the community grew to a chat room with over 100 chatters on average and a server change as to who was hosting our community we started a web site and then a blog on Tumblr.

As the technology improved we took the plunge into Discord and moved the blog to BDSMLR.  Since the move to DIscord under the Current Owner Q,  His Admins Kaori and Pirate King, and the rest of his staff of OPs and Half Ops, the community has grown from a group of 100 or so to a large group of 6000+ strong hypnosis kinksters.  We offer hypnosis with text, voice, and video, fantasy sharing, and even lectures on hypnosis, kink and BDSM.

While our concept is often imitated, there is one and only one real CovertHypnotism and that is on our Discord.  We are no longer affiliated with IRC in anyway.  Accept no imitations or substitutions and hop on the server and check us out.