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Hypnosis Files

On this page you will find links to various files both audio and video created by members of our community.  All links on this page open in a new window and link to another website hosting the file.  If you would like your works added to our website just contact Q.

Q's Orginal Works

This collection of files was created by Q.

File Name

File Type Audio/Video & Description

Video--Learn to dance and grind to a beat as lovely girls show you how to strip!

Video--Who better to teach you to be a good puppet then Sammie?

Audio--Q's very own sleep aid though it may contain all powerful side effects

Audio--Short but sweet put this file on repeat and you will be a the filthy slutty dicksucking whore of your dreams.

Ever wonder what is hidden in the stripper song that plays with the video?  Here is your chance to find out.

Master Everythings Video Collection


Master Everything has an awesome collection of videos hosted on porn hub and here is where you can find his public videos.  Master Everything's Video Collection


Master Everythings New Spa Outlook Spa-- A brand new collection of videos different from his other collection.