This is the website of #CovertHypnotism, an IRC chatroom hosted on made up of a small group of people who enjoy learning and understanding Covert Hypnosis.  Some of us are hypnotists and others subjects, but there is one thing in common we share and that is a love of hypnosis.

You can find us on port 6667 and our channel name is #CovertHypnotism.

Latest News

We are looking for new members to our OP team!  If you think you have what it takes to help grow CovertHypnotism and assist in keep the room in order.  Send an email with your room nick and why you want to join our OP team to


We are working on starting up a monthly news letter so make sure you sign up.  Give us your email and chat nick and you'll be added to the list.

What really is covert hypnosis?

Covert hypnosis refers to an attempt to communicate with another person's unconscious mind without that person noticing.  Basicly it is a secret trance that the person doesn't know is happening done through conversation.


Does it work?

Yes.  Though it varies from subject to subject based on a great many factors it does work.


What can I expect from the chat room?

You can expect a fun chat about hypnosis and maybe a trance.


How do I get to the chat room?

The chat room is on IRC which means you need an IRC chat client.  Popular clients for IRC include Ice Chat, Mibbit, Chatzilla and Kiwi. 

Once you have the software point the server to set the port to 6667 and once your connected to the server type /join #CovertHypnotism and your there.  Any questions on finding us can be directed to the Admin.



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Server Move


We want to clarify a few things on our move.  We do not own the server we have moved to nor did we own the previous server we were on.  We run the room but we are guests of the kinksterschat server.  As a result all our chatters, OPs and other kinky people that should follow us there need to be aware of a few things..


1.  Q and Sammie do not own the kinkster server we are guests.merely borrowing a small space from them.


2.  Kinksters chat has it’s own rules for the server that must be followed by all OPs and users who log into their server.  You can read them here–


3.  Absolute no one under the age of 18 is allowed in the room or on the server.  Covert is an 18+ or age of consent room whichever is greater where you are.  

That having been said there is to be no underage images or anything related to child porn.  A stance we have always had!


4.  The rules of CovertHypnotism on our website are in addition to the server rules not a substitute for them and when in doubt server rules trump the rules of Covert.